Committee on Names


The Committee on Names is charged by the President to make specific recommendations to the President and the Board of Visitors for assigning a name to any new or previously unnamed academic program, center, institute, department, physical structure, or part thereof, on the University of Virginia Grounds or property owned by the University Real Estate Foundation or University affiliated foundations, if used by the University. This also includes programs, departments, centers and institutes, buildings, portions of buildings (such as a classroom, auditorium, foyer, library, wing), collections of buildings, fields, open air courtyards, streets, alleys, and other outdoor areas and spaces.

The Committee on Names is also responsible for:

  • Compiling brief biographies of persons after whom buildings have been named
  • Compiling a list of unnamed buildings
  • Compiling a list of University people after whom buildings might be named
  • Keeping an ongoing memorial biography on those people upon their demise

Committee Structure

The Vice President for Advancement chairs the Committee. The Committee consists of the following 10 members by virtue of their position:

  • Representative of the Board of Visitors
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Executive Vice President and Provost
  • Executive Vice President for Health Affairs
  • Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer
  • Secretary to the Board of Visitors
  • Representative of the Office of the President
  • Representative of the Department of Athletics
  • Architect for the University
  • Assistant to the Vice President for Advancement (ex-officio and Executive Secretary)

The remaining members of the committee include four at-large faculty/staff members and two student members, one being the student member of the Board of Visitors.

For more information on the University's naming policy, please visit the Naming Policies webpage.

2017-2018 Membership (as of January 29, 2018)

  • Mark M. Luellen, Chair (Vice President for Advancement)
  • Jonathan D. Bowen (Chief of Staff to the President)
  • Anthony P. de Bruyn
  • Barbara J. Fried (Representative, Board of Visitors)
  • Alexander G. "Sandy" Gilliam, Jr.
  • Susan G. Harris (Secretary to the Board of Visitors)
  • Thomas C. Katsouleas (Executive Vice President & Provost)
  • Patricia M. Lampkin (Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer)
  • Christine Mahoney
  • Jane Miller (Representative, Department of Athletics)
  • Alice J. Raucher (Architect for the University)
  • Richard P. "Rick" Shannon (Executive Vice President, Health Affairs)
  • Colette Sheehy (Representative, Office of the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer)
  • Gweneth L. West

Student Members:

  • Bryanna F. Miller (Student Member of the Board of Visitors)
  • Abriana R. Weissman (at-large student member)


  • Bethany J. Hurley, Executive Secretary (Assistant to the Vice President for Advancement)