Athletics Advisory Council


The Athletics Advisory Council (AAC) is charged with reviewing and advising the President of the University and the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Programs on policy issues regarding the University’s intercollegiate athletics program.

In fulfilling its charge, the AAC shall:

  • Advise the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Programs concerning major decisions affecting the administration of the Athletics Department;
  • Conduct tri-annual reviews of academic integrity, student-athlete well-being, and equity issues. Advise University leaders on appropriate responses to the results of these reviews;
  • Investigate critical issues facing intercollegiate athletics programs, particularly as they relate to the University and make recommendations as to how best practices could be implemented at the University;
  • Identify and promote opportunities for the Department of Athletics to excel as a national leader for student athlete success, and;
  • Provide a written annual report to the President of the University summarizing the work of the Council.

Committee Structure

The University’s Faculty Athletics Representative serves as chair of the Athletics Advisory Council. The Council consists of up to 20 members:

  • UVA Faculty Athletics Representative
  • Up to nine at-large faculty members
  • Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Programs, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Representatives from:
    • Office of the President
    • Office of the Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer
    • Office of Undergraduate Admission
    • University of Virginia Alumni Association
    • Virginia Athletics Foundation
  • Student members:
    • President of the Student Athlete Advisory Council
    • At-large student member
  • Ex-officio members:
    • Faculty Senate Representative
    • Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Programs
    • Senior Associate Athletics Director for Programs

2017-2018 Membership (as of January 29, 2018)

  • Carrie Heilman, Chair (UVA’s Faculty Athletics Representative)
  • Michael J. Citro (Office of the President Representative)
  • Jenifer Andrasko (UVA Alumni Association Representative)
  • Roseanne M. Ford
  • Mary E. Gibson
  • Allen W. Groves (Dean of Students)
  • Ryan E. Hargraves (Senior Associate Dean of Undergraduate Admissions)
  • Paul C. Harris
  • Robert S. Harris
  • Noelle Hurd
  • Rebecca L. Leonard
  • Rachel Most (Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Programs – College of Arts & Sciences)
  • John E. Portmann
  • William L. Tyson (Virginia Athletics Foundation Representative)
  • Gweneth L. West

Student Members:

  • Brandt H. Walker
  • Alecia “Ali” J. Zwicker (President, Student Athlete Advisory Council)


  • Craig K. Littlepage (Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Programs)
  • Jane Miller (Senior Associate Athletics Director for Programs)
  • Alfred C. Weaver (Faculty Senate Representative)