Committee on Public Occasions


The Committee on Public Occasions is responsible for providing the President with a list of potential speakers for Final Exercises, Fall Convocation, and certain other University-wide ceremonies as identified by the President.

Committee Structure

The Committee consists of the following members:

Up to 15 faculty/staff members including:

  • Faculty Senate representative
  • University Communications representative
  • Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer or designee

Up to 13 student members including:

  • Fourth Year Class President
  • Honor Committee Chair
  • Judiciary Committee Chair
  • Student Council President
  • Seven at-large members

2016-2017 Committee Membership
(as of August 24, 2017)

  • E. Cecil Banks, Jr., Interim Chair
  • Pamela W. Higgins, Chair
  • Jenifer M. Andrasko (President and CEO, UVA Alumni Association)
  • Jann T. Balmer
  • Edward W. Davis
  • John J. Dobbins
  • Allen W. Groves (Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer Representative)
  • Frederick P. Hitz
  • Archie L. Holmes
  • Alexander B. “Alec” Horniman (Faculty Senate Representative)
  • F. Aaron Laushway
  • C. McGregor McCance (University Communications Representative)
  • Kenneth S. Stroupe
  • Anda L. Webb
  • Brantly Womack

Student Members:

  • Peter Bautz (Chair, University Judiciary Committee)
  • Omar Elhaj (President, Class of 2020)
  • Galen Green (President, Class of 2019)
  • Sarah Kenny (President, Student Council)
  • Malcolm Stewart (President, Class of 2018)
  • Frances Morales (President, Nursing Council)
  • Devin Rossin (Executive Chair, Honor Committee)
  • Emily Vaughan (President, Arts & Sciences Council)