We Heard You: Feedback Has Helped Chart University’s Future Course



May 22, 2019

Hello, my name is Jim Ryan. When I was named president I said that any vision for our university should be a shared vision. That's why on my first day in office, we launched a website called Ours to Shape, with some basic questions about the future of UVA. Since then we've received over 2600 comments suggestions and ideas through Ours to Shape.

At the same time hundreds of students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and friends of the university, have come together on Grounds and in cities across the country to talk about what we love about UVA and what we can do better. In just a few weeks I'll be sending the board of visitors a draft of a strategic plan. One that reflects many of the goals you've shared as well as specific actions we plan to take. It's my hope that together we can make UVA what we know it can be, a university that is both great and good in all that we do.

Whatever comes next, I'm humbled and grateful for your honesty, your commitment to UVA, and your willingness to share your ideas. I look forward to continuing the journey ahead.